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Animation is copyright Jeff Mobley. Used with permission.

Little colored blocks that let you know when you can see a few billion lightyears away? That's just too silly. This page is a place for humor about the love-hate relationship between astronomers and weather.

How Environment Canada Really Forecasts the Weather

Accoring to Rick Mercer Report

The Nirvana Blues

Nirvana is a magnitude 7.1 dark-sky site in Ontario frequented by observers from 150km around including me and observing buddy Ross Taylor. Ross wrote and performs the lyrics and music to: Nirvana_blues.wma (453 KB)

Ode to CSC

The Clear Sky Chartís a wonderous tool It offers every scoping fool The promise of observing I make it a priority To check with this authority My faith in it unswerving But as it gives it takes away My eagerness for night and day It can be quite unserving Oh, blue on blue can make me high Point my refractor toward the sky In weather thatís unnerving But white on white gives me a fright It promises a gloomy night And less than Iím deserving
... by Bill Lawrence

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