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ACT Observatory
An observatory of the Astronomy Club of Tulsa.
Adams Ranch Dark Sky Site
Observing site of the Tulsa Astronomy Club.
American Horse Lake
A dark site in American Horse Lake State State Hunting and Fishing Area.
Antique Photons Observatory
A private observatory near Claremore.
Aubrie Le observatory
A private observatory in Purcell.
Home of the Bartlesville Astronomical Society.In Washington county.
Bixby Creek Observatory
A private observatory.
Black Kettle National Grasslands
Forecast covers most .
Blue Moon Astronomical Observatory
An observatory in the Black Fork Mountain Wilderness Area near Page.
Boktuklo Trail Head
Start of a trail and forest service road 5 miles south east of Honobia.
Broken Arrow
A town in Tulsa county.
Cheddar Ranch Observatory
Observatory of the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club.
Deerfield West Observatory
A private observatory.
Eastridge Observatory
A private observatory near McAlester.
Fort Supply Reservoir
An observing site of the Starcreek Astronomical Society. Near Fort Supply.
Glass Mountains
Mountains with hiking trails.
Great Plains State Park
State park Kiowa County.
Hugo Lake State Park
State park
JAOWAT Observatory
Future private observatory site.
Kaw Lake
Members of the Ponca City Astronomy Connection observe nearby.
Kiamichi Skies Observatory
A private observatory.
Lake Hall
A picnic area on the shore of Lake Hall, Harmon county.
Lake Pawhuska
Liberty Lake
A park and lake near Guthrie.
Mannford Observatory
A private observatory somewhere around Mannford.
A town in Logan county.
McGee Creek Natural Scenic State Recreation Area
Recreation Area. Permit required.
Messier 110 Observatory
A private observatory.
Montgomery Observatory
Near Newport.
OKAstronomy Observatory
A private observatory near Tahlequah.
Oil Capital Observatory
Okie-Tex Star Party
A star party held at Camp Billy Joe near Kenton.
Oklahoma Christian University Observatory
Observatory of Oklahoma Christian Univeristy.
Oklahoma City
Home of the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club.
Oleo Acres Double Barrel Observatory
A private observatory. Used by some members of the Astronomy Club of Tulsa. Near Antlers.
Owasso Observatory
A private observatory.
Owl Creek Observatory
A private observatory.
Passion Works Observatory
A private observatory. But open to the public by appointment. Call 405 496 6776. Near Prague, OK.
Ponca City
Home of Rachélle's Lookout, a private observatory and the Ponca City Astronomy Connection
Red Rock Farm
Tim Vasquez's observing site near Norman, Oklahoma; visitor-friendly.
Robber's Cave State Park
State park and dark sky site of the Family Astronomy Association of Oklahoma
SLL Observatory
An educational Observatory with public programs. Of the University of Central Oklahoma and Northwestern Oklahoma State University (NWOSU).
Shady Grove Observatory
A private observatory north of McAlester.
SkyTitan Observatory 1
SkyTitan's main observatory.
Slippery Falls Boy Scout Ranch
A boy scout ranch of the Last Frontier Council.
Star Corral Observatory
A private observatory.
Not far from Oklahoma State University's H. S. Mendenhall Observatory.
TAS-D Atoka
Observing site of the Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas. Also home of the Lone Star Observatory. Somewhere around the town of Atoka.
Ten Acre Observatory
A public observatory. Also the primary observing site of the Odyssey Astronomy CLub.
The Great Plains Bunkhouse
Home of the Astronomy Club of Tulsa.
Tuva Observatory
An observatory the Tuva Astronomy Club. On Mt. Feynman near Checotah.
USAO JMOERC Habitat Area
AKA Jean McLaughlin Outdoor Education & Research Center. A private site of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.
University of Oklahoma Observatory
Observatory of the Homer L. Dodge Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Oklahoma. Site of outreach star parties held by the Lunar Sooners astronomy club.
Washita Battlefield
A National Historic Site near Cheyenne.
Weis Farm observing site
A private observing site.
Wilson Observatory
A private observatory near Sequoyah.

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