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Fall 'N' Stars
Ontario A star party held by the Belleville and Kingston RASC centres at Johnson's R.V. PARK.
Transit Dreams North
New YorkA private observatory.
AstroDNA Observatory
New YorkA private observatory.
Area 52 Observatory
NevadaA private observatory.
The Troy Observatory
OhioA private observatory.
SkyWatcher Ranch
TexasA private ranch. Public by appointment only.
Atwood Observing Site
ArkansasA private observing site.
North Lake Sinclair
GeorgiaForecast covers the north-west part of Lake Sinclair, including the towns of Eatonton, Dennis and Meriweather.
Fulton Science Academy Observatory
GeorgiaObservatory Fulton Science Academy.
Stephanie's Evening Solace
TexasA private observing site.
Mt. Lion Observatory
PennsylvaniaAKA Mountain Lion Observatory at Fort Roberdeau historic site. Operated by the Starlight Astronomy Club and the Altoona Area High School.

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