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    Sponsors are remarkably wise and kind people who have contributed money to help defray the costs of generating clear sky charts from CMC data. They have my deepest thanks:

    Winer Observatory
    Hans Flaatrud
    Jnani CevvelThomas Wroblewski
    Wolf Creek ObservatoryEric RachutTim Kearsley
    Dr. John Sohl
    The Noroads Garage
    Dr. Barbara G. HarrisKevin Abeln
    Bob TaylorMichael Rudy
    Joseph TrerotolaSouthern Maryland Astronomical Society

    Putman Mountain Observatory
    David OesperRASC Ottawa Centre

    and Gary Spiers
    Carl TubbsDave EricksonPhilip Massey
    BigMailer.ioDick PostDan Gray
    John HarrisSteve AltstadtJane Houston Jones and Morris jones
    William C. Bryson

    RASC Toronto Centre
    Bert StevensTexas Astronomical Society

    Law Office of
    John C. Caldwell
    Ralph E. TaggartDavid McDavidTim Povlick
    Santaluz Observatory
    SkiPi Online ObservatoryRob & Theresa BritschgiAmateur Telescope Makers of Boston
    Aaron BernerSola Virtus ObservatoryNaperville Astronomical Association
    Honoring the ongoing contributions of Dr. Alvin Ureles
    A member of the Imperial Polk Astronomical Society.
    Ward Lake ObservatoryJerry Spevak
    Wade B Clark Jr.

    MedoMak Family Camp & Retreat Center
    Gregg H Schultz
    Audie HickeyFriends of Ritter ObservatoryLiz Martin
    David D.
    Screech Owl Hill ObservatoryDr. Michael W. RidenhourFrank Willburn
    Matrix Engineering, Inc
    Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Electrical Engineering
    Glenn Littledale
    Steven D. SchlagelJames LindelienLake County Astronomical Society
    Patrick ManleyImmigration Law of Montana, P.CJohn Mart
    Arrowhead Astronomical Society (Duluth,MN)Jim MazurFirestarter SEO
    Valley of the Moon Observatory AssociationDavid M. Douglass
    Mark C.John Goar of olympictelescope.comMark Biersack
    Oregon Star Party CommiteeRoger AppeldornStephen Craig
    Joel E. GuthalsPedroGarry Beckstrom
    Dave & RobertIn memory of Maurice L. Battin, Jr.Mark Hanning-Lee
    Dan FennessyActon Sky PortalBuy Youtube Promotion Packages With BRSM.IO
    Scott and Bob LockwoodTiffiny MansouriIn memory of my beloved Marty. I know you created a galaxy from the light within your heart. I'll see you on the other side of the stars. All my love, Dianne
    Astronomical Society of Long Island
    Optometrist Calgary
    Ronald DiIulioMike KerstenStuart Levy
    Joseph ComeauDarkRangerTelescopeTours.comWalnut Canyon Cabins
    Frank M. KlicarSue and Alan FrenchBob Pitt
    RASC Halifax CentreRalph RichardRoger Menard
    Steve CariddiWilliam Cooper
    Merlin Miller
    Oscar HelmIndiana Astronomical SocietyMichael Rosolina
    Greg MuellerAndy SchleiKaren Miller SLC
    Ron MccannDan RicheyExcel offers Middle School Online
    Albany Area Amateur AstronomersGarner Camp
    Gardner Camp Youth Astronomy Club
    Rhonda Weeks
    Greg Halac (NCAS)Save Mount DiabloPhilip W. Davis
    Jim Woods

    Salt Lake Astronomical Society
    Rusty, NHAC
    Darrel MoonBuffalo Astronomical AssociationCarl Roland
    Charles TsoiBob MacArthurNoah Albers
    Jeffrey PatrickBilly and Domitta GladsonLeon Aslan
    Ross ArriensAbolfath HidajiClyde Miller
    Michael Vander Vorst for the San Diego Astronomy AssociationTony LevatinoJeff Garland
    Rusty GuinnCharles S MorrisJohn & Cathy Moore
    In Focus AstronomyMark & Anne MannerRobert & Teresa White
    Charles R. WrightChippewa Valley Astronomical Society
    Paducah Skies ObservatoryKim and John PaulyGeorge Varga - MTRP Volunteer
    Joseph & Amy GallowayC. E. Steuart DewarRobert Hall

    Astronomical Society of Northern New England
    Tom NevilleJason Trevino
    Mike LewisEric GarenNorthern Cross Science Foundation
    Gene and Charlotte DupreeDiego GomezAllan Fenske
    Carl Van BogaertJohn W. BannenMartin Flynn
    CasinoOnlineEspaƱa.esCasasApuestasDeportivas.esAndorra Advisors
    Svenska-casinon.comCasino Slam EspaƱ
    Tragaperras-online.orgTri-Valley Stargazers Astronomy ClubBob Stoffregen
    Erik StenslandJesse PrioloJoseph McCallister
    Walt LickteigPersonal Injury Attorney Los Angeles
    Bob White
    Jerry KobiereckiSteven HenckenTony Sturchio
    Jim GerlachLos Angeles Personal Injury Attorney
    Denny Morse

    Charlotte Amateur Astronomers Club
    Gloucester Area Astronomy Club
    Starry Nights RanchMario AndreaJohn W. Palmieri
    J PerezMichael and Wendy MagrasChris S
    Souder PropertiesBrent JaffaRiverside Astronomical Society
    The Fuzzy Folks at Mathom HaulTodd KuniokaTelescopes in Education

    AquilaMission.Space Book Series. Doug Cook
    Herman ZwirnGeorge Palermo
    deepskyobjects.comEric BuehrensJessica Ferguson
    Jerome HollonJeffrey Lowe
    David YoungMalcolm ParkFremont Peak Observatory Association
    Paul Dawson
    John R. CrillyJustin BailoMSRO Science, Inc.
    Paul LandmanPat DiGeronimoMarc Gravel
    Michael PersonNational Auto Sales 1
    Used Cars Hickory NC
    John Borden
    Star Ranch ObservatoryIn memory of Charlie Brown - Patrick J. MaddenUberclock
    Ken Pileggi, the Timing Belt GuyDavid T. and Jean M. LongJane Gnass
    Joseph Geiger
    Luke Edens
    Deerfield Observatory
    State College PA
    Michael FreebergJohn J Savala
    The BD Software web site
    Klaus Peltsch
    and the
    Algoma Area Astronomers
    Thomas BlogRalf PattersonJim Sofia
    Becky CorettiBenzene the CatJohn Dawson
    Jay BusterNorth Shore Erie Amateur AstronomersAndre Vaillancourt

    Why be a sponsor?

    Sponsors are the reason why I can continue to maintain the clear sky charts. I try to thank sponsors by giving sponsored charts more updates, more forecasts, better reliability and more features. I also recognize sponsors on these pages. The complete details of what I do for sponsorship is long, but it is here. One person sponsoring a chart makes those benefits visible to everone.

    What does sponsorship pay for?

    More importantly, sponsorship does not pay for the basic data from which I generate the charts. That data is offered to everyone for free by the Canadian Meteorological Centre though their public web page.

    Sponsorship does reduce some of the costs of internet access, web hosting, computers, software development, caffeine and ibuprofen incurred by running the clear sky charts.

    How to be a sponsor.

    No amount is too small. I list sponsors for a month per us$5.00 of sponsorship. (I ask more from commercial sponsors and do more for commercial sponsors. Email me for details.)

    There are two ways to sponsor:

    • Mail me a check. Please do not use the address printed in the February 2004 issue of Sky & Telescope page 69; it is wrong even with Stuart's correction. Instead, please Email me for the correct snail mail address. US dollar and personal checks are fine. Note that postage to me from the USA is us$1.15 and from Canada is can$0.85. A check gets the greatest amount of your sponsorship to me but is slow.

    • Or click on a button below to send money from your Paypal account or credit card.

      Non-Canadians please use: US Dollars

      Canadians Please use: Canadian Dollars

    The paypal forms are too simple to know which clear sky charts you use. So also email me with:
    1. what name you'd like credited on this page. I can also link your web page, if you like.
    2. The names of any clear sky chart pages you'd like your sponsorship to be acknowledged on.
    I always acknowledge receipt with an email.

    How much does it cost?

    There is no minimum sponsorship amount. I am greatful for any support. Also, I do not repeatedly dun past sponsors for more money. I may email a sponsor once at the end of their sponsorship.

    But to be fair to all sponsors, I acknowledge sponsors on this page, and on chart pages they've chosen to support, for a time proprotional to their sponsorship.

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